I have been knitting for 14 years. As I learned more techniques and delved into knitting history, I began tinkering and adjusting the patterns I used. Finally, in the last couple of years, I admitted that designing my own patterns might be possible. Perhaps I had the courage to do it? 

But my vision of designing didn't come into the light alone. It was holding hands with my passion for writing and research. And so I realized that my favorite designers published their own designs with written content introducing a larger context from which the patterns were born. The personal instincts that had led me in my professional background of librarianship and editing now had a new purpose. In addition, my writing bone was itching to have its way!

So here I am, designing patterns, dreaming of essays and books, luxuriating in a whole new excuse for expanding my yarn stash, and realizing that inspiration is everywhere. 

Join me on my adventure! More importantly, I hope you follow your own creative passions and step boldly onto the path of your own‚Äč adventure!